The Company was born in Donnini (FI) at the beginning of 50s from Adelino Bevilacqua, a Florentine entrepreneur who established the first headquarters of what would have become a leading tie manufactury.

On the early 70’s, the Company makes a step forward thanks to Mr. Bevilacqua’s son Patrizio efforts. Style research along with close collaboration with the most renowned silk manufactures in Como area allowed both Bevilacqua Label and the Company itself to become a staple at both Italian and International level. 

The end of the 80’s brought a second, decisive development; indeed, the establishment of further International labels collaborations allowed to create strong and long relations with those who would become an integral part of the Company production process.  

In the 90’s, due to a renewed need to expand and to an ever growing demand, Bevilacqua Srl moved its headquarters in a brand new and modern structure, just a few km away from the Company original birthplace. It was right in that moment that innovative manufacturing methods were adopted to enhance those manual and tailoring characteristics that kept permeating the traditional hand-made creations. 



The secret and the potential of a Brand are to be found in its origins, its essence, its traditions.

Bevilacqua chooses to enhance each piece with that timeless and worthy materials quality that lies on top of a natural manufacturing and handcrafted spirit, fundamentals that detach our products with an added value. 

In a time in which we can circle the globe in a few hours through the internet, and reach anything within a blink of an eye, everything becomes repetitive, new yet old or again “already seen before”. 

This is why past inspirations and traditions together with the inventiveness of the present and the research for the future are the starting points for the new “Bevilacqua” Project.

Bevilacqua is a new brand identity, created in occasion of the Company 60th anniversary and focused on a human dimension, free from the constraints of ethereal and exasperated fashion, which aim is to create an honest, informal and timeless product.

Bevilacqua production is entirely Made in Italy; each garment is committed to our experienced artisans hands whose manual ability and experience lies on those typical of Florentine and Italian manufacture techniques.




Our inspiration stands as a crossway between past, present and future world transformations. 

It can be defined as a melting pot of mentalities and experiences whose aim is to represent a new decade of generation mix. 

It is a brand new experience about good taste and timeless products which inspiration is drawn from the past to be then reinterpreted with a contemporary point of view; it’s a re-discovery of each individual self identity through one’s own codes that ends up in a collage of contrasting objects and materials. 

Bevilacqua Collections maintain that past taste, that comfort and that desire to make each piece memorable and at the same time familiar, as if it were just been taken from one’s wardrobe.