Primavera - Estate 2019

“Collezione Firenze”

Celebrating 10 years since new Bevilacqua Brand life, we are glad to dedicate SS19 Collection to our great Home-City “Firenze” and its citizens.

Passion, curiosity, research, obstinacy, our open eyes to the world changes, its new way of thinking and living life in a multicultural City Breathe our air, live our precious countryside.

Art, writers, artisans, workers, food

This is the place we are born, this is the place we are living.
This is the place where all our ideas born and grow.

Our new SS19 proposal is embracing two decades of significant steps between ’60 and ’70

Staging everyday life moments in the City and during free time at seaside in Versilia area

Just a short trip from the city, considered since beginning last century one of most favorite Florentine people summertime area.