There is no specific moment from the history which we adopt as a basement or inspiration of our style, just a way of viewing the world and its changes.
Soul and potentiality of a Brand are to be found in its origin, in its life, in its story.

All our products are handled with exclusive and specialized washing treatments to upgrade own patterns characteristics, reinventing used and forbidden patterns for a new life interpretation.
Carefully handled on top of specialized Italian artisan manufacturing hands, interpreting the spirit of unique timeless products.

Based in the heart of Tuscany, Bevilacqua is enhancing personality and identity of products by supporting them with quality, service and assistance.
Perform synthesis, disappearance of the boundary between past and present to evolve into a new idea of the future.
Qualities of tradition from the past together with the inventiveness of the present, research for the future, an attitude to re-discovery everyone’s own identity.